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Meeting Report

CFA1: I apologize for not being able to start the program on time. We have just said to you that you must come here, discuss and hear about it. We haven’t said exactly what we are here for. So to make it clear, I would like to continue the program forward. I want to start this program on behalf of our organization.


Namaste. My name is Keshav Raj Poudel. I live in Kavre, Mahadevstan VDC, Ward Number 2. I am the representative of citizen help desk organization which is established after earthquake with the purpose to support people. I am a journalist for Saptahik which is published from Kavre and Rajdhani which is published from Kathmandu. I would like to say something about the work of this organization.

The Earthquake has caused a huge effect on 14 districts among which Kavre is one of it. This is the reason which has brought us here for today’s discussion. The situation of our village matches with thesarcastic quote “Darkness below the light”. Though our village is close to the capital, it lacks a lot in the facilities like road, drinking water. For this reason, we think that it is important for us to discuss about reconstruction in this village too.